Looking good


Blackbyrd Warehouse, the coffee shop and performance space coming from the Hilton brothers (owners of Marvin, etc.), has made a lot of progress. No ETA on the business, but it certainly is moving along. Very excited.

Blackbird Warehouse progress

Walked by last night and saw that workers were soldering together window casings for the front of the building at the soon-to-be Blackbird Warehouse next to Marvin (a coffee shop/performance space from the Hilton brothers). Looking good, glad to see them progressing a long.

Apologies for the crappy cell phone pic, I didn’t have my camera on me.

A lot of news about the 14th street corridor has come out this week, let’s take a look:

  • What we thought was going to be a wine bar/bakery on the corner of 14th and U will actually be Blackbird Warehouse – a coffee shop and performance space from the Hilton brothers. This excites me and I hope that it’s a coffee shop in line with Mid City Caffe and Peregrine Espresso.
  • Cafe Salsa closed this week. While I’m not surprised (they were a mediocre Mexican restaurant competing with some top spaces) I’m sad to see a place close.
  • It’s official, the old Seafood & Crab place will be a Chicago hotdog joint, and they will serve liquor. It will be called Chidogo – really? Hope they come up with a better name before they open.
Peregrine Espresso, courtesy of Damon Green (Flickr)

Peregrine Espresso, courtesy of Damon Green (Flickr)

Alright, this is a bit outside of my regular coverage of the U street, Columbia Heights, and Logan Circle ‘hoods, but I spend a good amount of time in the Eastern Market/Capitol Hill area too. I have a good friend who lives there, I love the market at Eastern Market, and I tutor at an organization nearby once a week. When Murky Coffee closed last year because of back taxes, I was sad, that was a good cup of coffee.

I was happy to hear from a fellow tutor that one of her friends, a barista at Murky, planned to open a new coffee shop in the space. Hence, Peregrine Espresso. Folks, have you been here? The coffee’s better than Murky, and with no attitude. Yes, they even serve iced coffee, though I wouldn’t recommend it, and actually have to agree with the asshole owner of Murky that you really are ruining the flavor, and it is a shame with coffee this good. Did you think coffee always had that bitter, almost acrid taste? Well, my friend it doesn’t have to, and it doesn’t at Peregrine Espresso.

You know when a place describes a coffee as fruity, chocolatey, or earthy and you try your best to taste it but you really can’t? At Peregrine Espresso I can, and it’s fabulous. Check it out the next time you’re trolling around Eastern Market, a cup of coffee starts at just $2. Plus, they have a blog, and who doesn’t love that?

Can we get them to open a location on U street, please?

A regular feature in which I spotlight local businesses.

I’m shocked to read that, according to DCist, Mocha Hut has closed. It was one of my go to places to get breakfast on a weekend, and whenever I was there they always seemed to be crowded. I usually had trouble getting a table if I went in after 10 am.

DCist reports:

According to office staff at the Ellington apartment building, which shares their address, Mocha Hut’s owners had planned to stay open until the end of the month, and unexpectedly decided to close early. Another owner plans to take over the space in April. The new owners reportedly plan to keep the business as a coffee shop, though we don’t yet know what changes they might make to the space or the menu.

I’m sad. I hope the new coffee place is good, but I’m always going to have a place in my heart for Mocha Hut’s breakfasts. It had become a cherished weekend ritual to go there at least once during the weekend to get some breakfast.