Nana, courtesy of M.V. Jantzen (Flickr)

I was sad to read that after 8 years on U Street, Nana, the great boutique at 15th/U, is moving to Mt. Pleasant after the winter holidays. Owner Jackie Flanagan signed a lease at 3068 Mount Pleasant Street, formerly the Mount Pleasant Deli. The new location will be bigger and closer to Flanagan’s house in Mt. Pleasant.

While I’m sad to see the store leave U Street, it’s not like they’re going far. I’ll post more information about exactly when the current store is closing and the new one is opening when I hear more.

Beautiful hat from Ginger Roots

Ginger Roots (1530 U Street) is open! I stopped by this weekend and talked with the lovely Kristen and Erin for nearly an hour – they’re very friendly and sweet women, and very talented. Ginger Roots hours are 12-7 Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and 1-6 on Sunday (closed Tuesday and Wednesday).

I was a bit misunderstood when I characterized Ginger Roots as a vintage boutique. What Kristen and Erin do with their clothing line, and what a lot of the artists they feature do as well, is take second-hand, vintage materials and revamp them (therefore the name of their clothing line is ReVamp) into something new. Their shop does feature some vintage finds, but most of it is made with vintage materials that have been repurposed. Kristen and Erin also do tailoring.

While the store is open now, they will be having their grand opening sometime in September, when their clothing line is finished. They have a few pieces out now and they are beautiful. Price points on the clothing will depend on labor and material (not surprisingly) so the more complex pieces will be about $100, but there will be more affordable options. The jewelry is also pretty reasonably priced, I walked away with two pairs of cute earrings, both $12.

I’ll keep you posted about the grand opening, but in the meantime check out their store and say hi! And I wish them the best of luck.

Pink November's new location

Pink November's new location

Guess I’m stating the obvious, but I went into Pink November’s new location on U street the other day, hoping to get the scoop about their new location and perhaps do some shopping. However, I quickly realized I could afford… nothing. The cheapest item I could find was a pretty boring T-shirt for $92, most of the dresses were in the $250 to $400 range and the most expensive was nearly $1000. OK, no shopping for me, but what about the new location?

I went on a weekday afternoon, and I knew it would be empty. I was hoping, though, that I would be able to talk to whomever was working there. However, the whole 15 minutes I spent in the store subtly trying to get the woman’s attention, she was on the phone ignoring me. So, Pink November: still unaffordable and now sort of unfriendly. I don’t want to knock any local businesses, I want to support them, but I think it would behove them to at least greet their customers as they enter and leave the store, especially when it’s empty.