When I first started writing this blog, I wrote about seeing an ad on best of Craigslist: a woman renting out her bathroom in her NYC apartment. Now, another one shows up, someone in San Francisco renting out their 20 x 24 square foot bathroom (pretty huge for a bathroom, no?). I thought the first post’s specifications were a little weird, but check this out:

The only thing is we require that you remove all your stuff every morning (after you bathe of course) so that we can maintain the appearance of wealth even though we don’t have much money these days. We are meeting with venture capitalists and have a new technology we are trying to showcase and we bring investors over all the time and we don’t want them knowing we have somebody living in our bathroom.

Oh yeah, and this “PS – we aren’t racist, but we do want people who fit our image and personal brand aesthetic. No bargain shoppers, manual laborers or people who look comfortable on public transportation.”

What gives, is the economy really that bad? With the first ad, I chocked it up to the ridiculous means someone would go to live in NYC, but now I’m not so sure.

And how much would you pay in rent to live in a large (0r small) bathroom in someone’s house…