A lot of news about the 14th street corridor has come out this week, let’s take a look:

  • What we thought was going to be a wine bar/bakery on the corner of 14th and U will actually be Blackbird Warehouse – a coffee shop and performance space from the Hilton brothers. This excites me and I hope that it’s a coffee shop in line with Mid City Caffe and Peregrine Espresso.
  • Cafe Salsa closed this week. While I’m not surprised (they were a mediocre Mexican restaurant competing with some top spaces) I’m sad to see a place close.
  • It’s official, the old Seafood & Crab place will be a Chicago hotdog joint, and they will serve liquor. It will be called Chidogo – really? Hope they come up with a better name before they open.

Permit at old Seafood & Crab

Walking by the other day I couldn’t help but notice the windows papered and a permit on the old Seafood & Crab joint.

Prince of Petworth heard via a commenter that the space might become a Chicago hot dog place. I was unable to learn anything about the agents listed on the permit through Google. The Jenco Group is a real estate agency located in DC and I couldn’t find anything about Malligan Associates Limited Partnership. The permit is for interior demolition and removal of exterior awning.