Luckily, while I was recently laid off, I’ve gotten some part-time work that might lead to something full-time in the near future. However, as I’m not working full-time, I still qualify for unemployment benefits. I do all the research, go on to DC’s Department of Employment Services website, and find out I can file for unemployment online: sweet.

Oh but, after the fourth page of the application there is just a blank page, it won’t go forward. Great. I’m on Firefox, let’s try on IE. Nope, same problem. Oh but there’s a number to call, let me call them and tell them of the problem. Oh but it’s busy, EVERY SINGLE TIME I TRY TO CALL. How the hell does a DC government office not have the ability to put people on hold? Ridiculous.

OK, let’s try calling one of the One Stop Career Center’s to see if they can help. After 5 times trying to call and getting a busy signal: I get through. Put on hold. Ask, is there anyway I can file over the phone because your website is broken. Lady says, sure here are four number to try to call.

Me: So you’re saying if I call one of these numbers I can file for unemployment over the phone?

Unemployment lady: Yes, ma’am.

Try to call first number: busy. Second number: voice mail, leave a message. Third number: another unemployment lady answers.

Me: So I can file for unemployment through this phone number?

Unemployment lady 2: No. Who told you that?

Me: I called one of your One Stop Career Centers and the woman who answered the phone gave me this number and told me I could.

Unemployment lady 2: Oh you can only do it online or by this number (original number that’s been busy every time I’ve called).

Me: Well I tried that, your website is broken and that number is busy.

Unemployment lady 2: Well that’s the only way you can do it.

Me (Pulling out hair, banging head on laptop keyboard): Can I at least tell you what’s wrong with your website?

I proceed to tell her what’s wrong, she says she’ll “tell someone about it.” Lovely. I sent an email to my council member Jim Graham detailing the mess. I continue to call the ever busy signal number. Will I ever be able to file for unemployment? Time will only tell.