Last night, Black & Orange, the new burger joint on 14th just south of U Street opened. I swung by the opening party (yes, they were kind enough to invite me) and checked out the space. It is pretty large, with ample seating. I dig their minimalist decor. Checkout after the jump for a few more photos. (more…)

I was glad to see over at Washington City Paper’s Young and Hungry blog that Black and Orange has a new opening date. We had heard originally that they planned to open before Christmas, but that obviously didn’t happen.

They are having an opening party for VIPs only (no, yours truly did not get invited) and then will be open to the public around 9:30 that night. Anyone else really excited for awesome burgers on U street?

I was glad to read on Washington City Paper’s Young and Hungry blog that Black & Orange (formerly Rogue States of burger fume fame) will be opening before Christmas. Very excited to have an excellent burger option in the neighborhood, and as I’ve said bef0re – I welcome burger fumes.

Burger delivery heaven

Thursday night I was planning on making a healthy Asian stir fry, but when I got home I decided I needed something more comforting and substantial. Then I remembered reading about how Desperado’s is doing delivery. Burgers delivered? So many things could go wrong – but I went for it anyway.

And I was not disappointed. As you can tell with this sloppy photo, I had a wonderful medium rare (as I requested) burger. So lest you be skeptical: Desperado’s was able to deliver a great burger to my apartment, about 4 blocks away from their restaurant. And, you can order everything completely online: which is perfect after a long day when you want to keep human interaction to a minimum.

Desperado’s delivers to the U Street and Columbia Heights neighborhoods. There is a $15 minimum. I ended up waiting about an hour on a Thursday night: but it was well worth it (which, by the way, was conveyed on their website at the time I placed my order).

The sign is up!

So the sign is up for Desperado’s, the burger and bar place coming to the old Polly’s location. Looking good, I’d expect they’d open within a week or two. (And I’m a bad blogger, sorry for the poor quality photo).

Wet Paint at old Polly's location

We’d already heard the rumor that the owners of neighboring Angelico’s Pizza were opening a new restaurant/bar at the old Polly’s location. Now a commenter on Prince of Petworth is saying that the place is owned by the Angelico Pizza people, and will become Port Orleans, a burger spot.

Not sure how excited people are going to be about this (other commenters on PoP expressed concern regarding the cleanliness/quality of food at Angelico’s) but I’m glad that the space won’t be empty.

The burgers ready to be devoured

The burgers ready to be devoured

It’s summer, burger season. I like burgers as much as the next person, but don’t eat them too much because I’m the type who can’t indulge too much or all of a sudden I’ve gained 15 pounds. But, when I saw MICHEL RICHARD’s hamburger buns for sale at the 14th and U farmers market, I knew I had to make some burgers. And not just any burger, because this is MICHEL RICHARD’s buns and no ketchup with American cheese was going to grace them.

So, I came up with: carmelized onions (a budget favorite: very cheap and very good, though time consuming to make), goat cheese, arugula, and a fabulous grainy mustard. I think Michel would approve.

Budget: $10 for 3 servings, or $3.33 a burger. They’re a bit more expensive at Central (PDF).

Recipe details after the jump.

A regular feature where I cook cheap, gourmet meals. (more…)