Perhaps you remember Bryan Weaver, the candidate for Ward 1 on the council who lost to Jim Graham. He had a great campaign video that perfectly showcases his ideas as a politician, is all around good guy and Dave Stroup, former DCist weekend editor, is asking him to run for the at-large councilmember.

If you think Bryan would be a good voice for our city, check out the Draft Weaver website – you can sign the petition, contribute money, and learn more about why Dave thinks Bryan should run. If Bryan doesn’t chose to run, the Draft Weaver campaign will return the money you donated. Dave is looking to raise $2000 by Sunday.

Bryan hasn’t thrown his hat in the race yet, but the more money raise and signatures signed the more likely he is to consider it. He’ll be making his decision some time next week.

The at-large race is in April, so if you think Bryan should be a candidate – help Draft Weaver out.

Campaign signs from last election, courtesy of Techne

I was inspired to write this post because I got a quick press release letting me know that today, at noon on the Kojo Nnamdi show (WAMU 88.5) the Ward 1 Democratic candidates will be talking. Tune in!

Let’s go over the Democratic candidates (since the primary is September 14th). I’m not endorsing anyone, nor am I overly political, but let’s take the time to get informed:

Jim Graham is the current Ward 1 council member and a board member of WMATA. He’s the Scottish guy who wears bowties and drives around in his VW Beetle. Graham has represented Ward 1 since 1998. Graham is known as being an advocate for his constituents as well as for his strong connection to the community. He has overseen a huge wave of development and resurgence in Ward 1. Graham also been criticized as his Chief of Staff, Ted Loza, was arrested by the FBI and charged with two counts of accepting bribes in 2009. Check out more about his stances on hot topics.

Jeff Smith is the Executive Director of DC VOICE, an independent education civil rights group based in Ward 1. He also used to be a member of the DC School Board, has a law degree, and is a veteran of the military. He is running on a platform of education reform, making neighborhoods safer, promoting small and local businesses, and redeveloping housing. Smith seems earnest in his engagement with the community, he’s reached out to me to meet about issues in Ward 1, but unfortunately scheduling conflicts mean that hasn’t happened yet. He’s also been holding bike rides with the community. Read more about his stance on hot topics.

Bryan Weaver is probably best known for his well-done ad for his candidacy that made the rounds on the DC blogosphere. He currently serves on the ANC (his fourth term) and is a community activist who has worked to promote affordable housing, decrease crime, better education, and build youth leadership. He also seems to have deep connections with the Adams Morgan community, as he was on the scene after the shooting in last week, speaking to members of the community. Read more about his stance on hot topics.

And yes, I will be profiling the Republican candidate later this afternoon. He is running unopposed from the Republican side so the only election you can vote for him in is the general election on November 2nd.