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Neighborhood stand-by Saint Ex will be closing its kitchen for a month to do some remodeling. But don’t you worry, the bar/restaurant will stay open and serve food and drinks the whole time. They are opening a barbecue pop-up and will serve pulled pork sandwich flights (yeah that sounds kind of pretentious), housemade ice cream, and beer cocktails. Those pulled pork sandwich flights will vary daily, and plans include Korean pork sliders with kimchi to and “authentic” Carolina pork sandwiches.

They will also be serving pop-up picnics on the patio when the weather cooperates. The picnic menus will feature simple grill fare like burgers, sausages, steaks, and picnic staples potato salad. Saint Ex will announce picnic days on their Twitter page.

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Happy fourth of July, all! I hope you enjoy barbecue, beer, fireworks, friends and family. Stay cool out in the heat today and be safe.

Pulled pork at Standard

Saturday afternoon, hiding from the second hail storm of the day – I ducked into Standard (14/S) for some barbecue. Dining companion and I split a pulled pork sandwich, some fries, and got Cokes (they have ones with real sugar you know). As we were sitting inside, it was a bit cramped. Everyone outside had to move indoors (save a few brave souls) once the hail started falling.

The pulled pork sandwich was good, had a nice tang to it, but I have to say – I’ve never met a pulled pork sandwich I didn’t like. The buns were not toasted, making them soggy rather quickly – as well as making the sandwich difficult to eat. But this kind of food is supposed to be messy, no? The fries were good, clearly hand cut and nicely crispy. The Cokes though, were nearly $3 for 12 ounces. I get real sugar Cokes are going to be more expensive, but you can get the same Cokes at Pica Taco a few blocks away and they are not $3.

Overall impressions of Standard were pretty good – I didn’t get to enjoy the outdoor dining, but the food is solid. The biggest problem now is the difficulties of getting a seat outside on a nice day – you must go early.

Have you been? What did you think?

Standard's menu, courtesy of @DCBrit

Standard, which at one point was going to be a burger place modeled on New York’s shake shack, is now open in the old (old) Garden District space at 14th and S. The restaurant now is barbecue based, with very odd pricing. Check out the menu – what is wrong with having rounded off numbers?

I walked by this weekend and it was packed with people enjoying the weather and beer. I’ll be sure to stop by soon – but have you been? ¬†What did you think?