ATMs on U Street, courtesy of @therealmarta

Some people might be excited to see ATMs put in near the Bank of America on U Street (that is their home loan office). However, on further inspection it is pretty clear to me that these are Bank of Georgetown ATMs, the bank that is opening in the Ellington’s old sales office. I got a peak at the ATMs themselves, and as a Bank of America customer – they definitely weren’t Bank of America ATMs. Bummer guys, going to have to keep on trekking to Columbia Heights or Dupont to get cash.

Prince of Petworth reports that a Bank of Georgetown will be coming to the now-empty sales office in the Ellington (13/U), next to the Bank of America (which by the way HAS NO ATM). Anyone else frustrated that there is a Bank of America in a prime location on U street that has no ATM?

And does anyone actually bank with Bank of Georgetown? Bueller?