Hello, readers – sorry I haven’t written here in a while. Life has been quite busy, and something had to give – and that was my blog. But, I’m back and trying to focus on some interesting, longer form feature pieces right now, versus breaking news. Please follow me on my Twitter account for that kind of coverage.

Now, the topic at hand – BakeHouse, a bakery that will open on 14th and T this fall. I had the opportunity to meet up with the owners, Niall Cooper and Lindsey Morse, to taste some of the goods and talk about their business.  Niall and Lindsey live in the U Street neighborhood and have long dreamed of opening their own business. Lindsey had always considered baking a hobby, but started taking it more seriously the past few years.

Lindsey started working in professional kitchens and learning the lay of the land. Meanwhile, her husband Niall found that his Scottish citizenship meant his chosen career of museum management quite tough to pursue in DC (Federal government requires you be a U.S. citizen to work for them…) and they started seriously pursuing opening a bakery in the neighborhood.

Lindsey and Niall, a charming couple, say they foresee BakeHouse becoming a Baked & Wired for the U street neighborhood, a gathering place with delicious baked goods. They plan to be open in time for the morning rush and late enough to stop by for a sweet treat after dinner.

And sweet treats do they have. Lindsey prepared quite a spread for us and some other guests: among them delectable apple cider “doughnut” muffins, flaky and savory bacon and date scones, tastes just like root beer “float” cupcakes, and frothy  coconut and almond milkshakes. Everything we sampled (and we did sample everything) was delicious. My companion and fiance, a discerning sweet fiend, especially kept on going back to the perfectly paired strawberry and lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

Niall and Lindsey talked to me about the need for a neighborhood bakery (oh do I agree), and the idea of a locally-owned spot is so appealing. While we know U Street doesn’t lack in bars, restaurants, and vintage stores – a simple place to stop in and get a snack, chat with a friend can be hard to find especially with the closing of Love Cafe.

Bakehouse is under construction as we speak, it will live next to the Post Office building on 14th and T which is set to become (at least for now) Taqueria Nacional, which is moving their Capitol Hill location to T street. While dealing with the slow permit process as well as the perhaps slower construction process has meant that BakeHouse won’t open as soon as Lindsey and Niall want, they do hope to open by Thanksgiving.

While we await the bakery opening in the hood, follow them on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

No cool street art after all

I had hoped the wine bar/bakery place that will open (when? I’m not sure) on 14th street just north of U would keep all of the cool graffiti and street art on the side of the walls. But, I noticed they painted over the homeless man protesting the closing of a shelter so I can only guess the rest will follow. I thought it would add cool decor to the place and remind you of the history of the space. Oh well.

Soon to be...14th Street Bakery and Wine Bar

Soon to be...14th Street Bakery and Wine Bar

It’s not a pit anymore. Definitely progress. I guess those kind of neat street art/graffiti are going to go once the structure starts being built. I guess it’s a small price to pay for a place you can get a croissant and a glass of Pinot Noir, no?

Aroma bakery, seems to be open

Aroma bakery, seems to be open

Well, that was fast. I was on my way to a yoga class so didn’t have time to stop in, but it appears that Aroma Bakery, formerly the Dollar Store, is open now. It only closed a few weeks ago, so that was a quick turnaround if I ever saw one. I will stop in soon and give my impressions on the new bakery.

Well, that didn’t take long to figure out, the dollar store on U street is becoming Aroma Bakery. I assume it is and will continue to be owned by Steve Tekle.

And, the empty lot/pit next to Marvin will  become a wine bar/bakery called 14th Street Bakery and Wine Bar.

So our ‘hood is going from having zero bakeries to two? Not bad.