We Love DC is reporting that Julia Bachleitner, the woman who was hit by a drunk driver last week in Adams Morgan, has died. Ms. Bachleitner was 26 and a native of Austria. She was a student at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. This is horrible news, my thoughts are with her friends and family.

There was a shooting on the 2500 block of Mozart Place in Adams Morgan Wednesday night around 9:15. Dave Stroup has been live tweeting on the scene, 1 adult male was taken to the hospital and died from his injuries. Dave has really been doing an excellent job reporting this story.

I will update as more information as available.

MPD has made an arrest in the murder of Victor Chigoziri MBA-Jonas, Jr., age 20, who was shot on the 2500 block of 17th street (around the corner from Harris Teeter) on June 27th and died of his injuries last week. MPD arrested Torain Devon Adams, an 18-year-old male from Northwest, DC yesterday morning and charged him with murder in the first degree.

I’m glad MPD was able to arrest a suspect in this murder, my thoughts go out to Victor’s family and friends.

There has been very few violence in our neighborhood so far, so unfortunately I had a feeling that something might happen soon. MPD has only announced that there was a shooting at the 2400 block of 17th street (right near the Harris Teeter), with no more information on the victim’s condition, identity, or any other details about the crime. I’ll update as more information becomes available.

UPDATE: DCist is reporting that police reports say two black males — one six-foot with dreads in a white tank and blue jeans, the second in non-descript dark clothing shot a yet unidentified victim.

UPDATE 2: Prince of Petworth also heard from MPD that the victim is an adult male who is in critical condition.

Construction underway

Construction underway

I don’t walk by 19th and California often, except on the way to the zoo, really, but checked out the progress on the shell of the building I wrote about way back when thanks to intel from commenter Pam. The construction is making some good progress, and they appear to be preserving the original facade.

Pam added a link to her comment, a story from the  In Towner about the building with some more information. They said it was an eyesore, when I saw it as hauntingly beautiful (apples and oranges, I guess?) but provided that the building used to be known as The Hilltop and was a 15 unit “tenement.” As I wrote about in my previous update post, Eric Colbert and Associates, known for their work in apartment/condo buildings, is working on the construction.

There was a rash of shootings last night in the area, both where individuals were fatally shot. On 14th and Columbia, a 19-year-old male was fatally shot in the head, there was also a victim who was shot in the leg and is in the hospital. It is being called a targeted shooting that is likely related to the suspected gang killing of Paul Jones back in January.

On Kalorama and Champlain, two plainclothes officers and a uniformed officer intercepted a robbery. The suspect shot at the police and the police killed the suspect in the midst of gunfire. One officer was shot in the back, another in the leg.

On an unrelated noted, now that I’m somewhat settled in my new place, expect regular posts to resume.

19th and California construction

19th and California construction

Looks  like progress is being made on that skeleton of a building at 19th and California. Eric Colbert & Associates is working on the building. They’ve done a lot of buildings in the area including, apparently, my own apartment building. There is, however, no information about this building and what’s happening to it on their website.