This is one of the sessions of U Street Movie Series that I am most looking forward to. Tonight, with gates opening at 7 at Harrison Field at 14/V, the U Street Movie Series will screen two documentaries about local landmarks and their role in the DC music scene. First, a short about Howard Theater, Howard Theatre: A Century in Song. Then, for the feature they will screen 930 F Street, a documentary chronicling the history of the 9:30 Club, including interviews with several musicians, staff, and fans that frequented the club.

9:30 club, courtesy of Kevin H. (Flickr)

This is really cool news! The 9:30 Club is starting its own record label, with Justin Jones becoming the first artist they will represent.

9:30 Club will be celebrating their new record label, along with their first release, Jones’s The Little Fox EP on September 16th. The party will feature a Jones performance. While tickets won’t be sold to the general public, you will have opportunities to get them via lottery and social media outlets.

What do you guys think? I do question if this is the right time in the music industry to launch your own label, but I’m a big fan of the 9:30 and support any venture they start.

You’ve been reading about this event on other blogs, I’m sure, but it’s well worth it for me to repeat the information of a fun event that will benefit a great cause. The 9:30 club will be hosting DC chefs and musicians this Sunday to benefit DC Central Kitchen. For the first time 9:30 club will expand to its exterior, making this the first indoor-outdoor event at 9:30.

Tickets are only $30, which gets you samplings from 18 popular DC restaurants – including U street area favorites Busboys and Poets, Church Key, Commonwealth Gastropub, Cork, Marvin, and Masa 14 (and other U Street Girl faves like Jaleo, Taylor Gourmet, and Sauca). 

 The crowd will also be treated to the sounds of DJ Will Eastman, US Royalty, Bluebrain, Fatback DJs, Beautiful Swimmers and Midnight Kids over the five-hour event.

If you didn’t know, DC Central Kitchen is celebrating its 21st year of combating hunger and creating opportunity. The Kitchen works 365 days a year to provide the area’s neediest people with nutritious food and empower chronically unemployed men and women with the skills they need to get their lives back together. In the past year, 47 men and women, many of them ex-felons, gained jobs through the Kitchen’s Culinary Job Training program.

Air Guitar awesomeness, courtesy of US Air Guitar

Need plans on Saturday? I have the answer: the 9:30 club is hosting the regional tournament for the US Air Guitar Championships. If y’all remember I went to the national championships at 9:30 club last summer and had a FREAKIN’ BLAST.

Tickets are still available at $20 and the doors open at 8. I promise you’ll have a great time. Go!

US Air Guitar Championships

US Air Guitar Championships

On a lighter note, I had a totally awesome time at the National Air Guitar Championships. If you haven’t been to one of these events, you should really go the next time around. These guys (and a few girls) wore ridiculous outfits, had outlandish hair (and facial hair), crazy energy, a great sense of theatricality, and a lot of interesting props. These guys kind of knew what they were doing was weird, strange, and kind of a loser thing to do, but they owned it. The winner, William Ocean, from New York (who did a completely crazy rendition of a metal version of the Bee Gee’s “Staying Alive”) will be representing the US in the World Championships over in Finland later this week.

Let me give you a taste for this event. There was a guy from DC that went by the stage name “STD” (stood for Sanjar the Destroyer) and we got chants of “STD” all night. Fun? He came in second place. Then there was a mascot, for the air guitar championships – a bear. Why was there a bear as a mascot? Who knows. I do know the bear was crowdsurfing and nearly fell on my head and my companion got a face full of bear mascot crotch. There might have been some flashing of various body parts by the air guitarists but honestly, I couldn’t see, I’m not too tall. There were air foam fingers handed out in the sign of the horns gesture (as pictured). Yeah, it was ridiculous and awesome.

So apologies for no great photos, as I said, I’m not too tall and even though I’m a local blogger and got a press pass, I didn’t get a better place to stand in the crowd to get decent shots. I still had a great time.

Last year's air guitar champion, courtesy of US Air Guitar

The air guitarist Big Rig, courtesy of US Air Guitar

Um, how amazingly fun does this sound? The Air Guitar National Finals are this Friday, 8 pm at the 9:30 Club. Tickets are $20 to watch 25 finalists compete to be the US champion of all things Air Guitar. The champion will then move on to represent the US in the World championship in Finland next week. There is not one, but two air guitarists from DC competing on Friday.

This is the kind of total oddball fun event that I love, it sounds like it will be a great time. First: who doesn’t love a little air guitar? Second: these guys have to be good if they’re competing in the National championship. So, it’s talented air guitaring. After learning about it I’m totally going, and I had to share. It guarantees to be a good time.