Smucker Farms

First, apologies for the lack of posting lately. I am trying my best to get back on track, starting with this quick post looking in at Smucker Farms, recently opened at 14th and W.

It was great to stop in and see fresh, good quality produce, meat, milk, cheese, and even local coffee. There is also a good spread of jams, sauces, soup mixes, and some delicious looking ice cream and whoopie pies that I pulled myself away from. Not surprisingly, the prices are a little high – I definitely raised my eyebrow a bit at $8 loaves of bread – which come from Lyon Bakery.

I think, given that it’s winter and they just recently opened, the stock was a little sparse. I assume they plan on having more stuff as the seasons allow. I will reach out to the owner to ask what else they plan to stock, and update the post when I hear back.

CrossFit Praxis Coming Soon

CrossFit Praxis is coming to the empty building at 14th and Florida, the space which recently hosted a BYT party. I know a lot of people are fans of CrossFit workouts, so glad to see another exercise option come to the hood. Their website tells me they plan to have a 6400 square foot facility. You can sign up by November 15 and get a discounted membership, but no word on when they will be opening. I will update if I hear more.

courtesy of prettywar-stl

Apologies for being a tad late to this – but yes, the Dunkin Donuts at 14th and U is finally open. I understand they are giving away medium coffees through October 30 – so definitely take advantage while you can!

Smucker Farms sign up

Great to see a lot of progress on the Smucker Farms storefront. After getting some building permits last month, you can see that they are making a lot of progress on the location – the most obvious being that the sign is up. Looking good. I’ve asked the owner if he has an opening date in mind, and will update the post if he gets back to me.

Pulp, courtesy of tyarab77

Great news after a slew of not so great news for the greater 14th and U neighborhood. Word came through this weekend that Pulp will remain open under new ownership, with a local business owner buying the place.  A sign in the window announced a miracle on 14th street – allowing the store that has been on the block for nearly 10 years to remain open. Hurray!

Pulp, courtesy of tyarab77

It’s an unfortunate reality in a neighborhood that might have gotten to popular for its own good. Businesses that helped make the neighborhood popular in the first place get pushed out because of increasing rents. We’ve seen, on the 1800 block of 14th street, Go Mama Go, Ruff n’ Ready, and Garden District close. Now Pulp, the quirky cards and gift store that was the best place to browse and shop, is closing as well. Borderstan broke the news last night, Pulp will be closing its location in November.

The store opened in November 2002, so it will be closing after 9 years in business. The original owner, Ron Henderson, died in February of 2009, and Borderstan reports that the business deal to sell the store to new owners fell through. While Pulp doesn’t appear to be a victim of increased rents, it’s still sad to see a store that helped the neighborhood become what it is close. Show some love to Pulp before it closes, and let them know how important they have been to the neighborhood.

Smucker Farms

While it’s been nearly six months since I wrote that Smucker Farms, a farm to grocery store business would open on 14th street between V and W – there is finally some progress. I was happy to see a building permit for interior renovation pasted on the window and to notice that the exterior has recently been painted. No ETA from the business, but after quite a few months of no changes – it’s great to see them moving forward.

Coffee at Mid City Caffe

Such sad news to share on a Friday morning. Mid City Caffe, which opened on my birthday in 2009, is closing on October 1st. Unfortunately, their lease is up for renewal and they decided not to continue. While their location was a bit out of the way,  Mid City definitely had some loyal fans – me among them. Make sure to stop by for one last cup before they close next Saturday. They won’t be opening Mid City Caffe in another location. This is it.

And, this seems like a good time to mention that Mid City Caffe’s downstairs neighbor, Miss Pixies, might be in the same boat. Both of these stores make the U street/Logan Circle neighborhoods a better place to live, so I hope that we can continue to get these kinds of local independent businesses to move to the ‘hood.

courtesy of prettywar-stl

Continuing in my theme of “they’re almost here” posts in the past week, I’ve heard word that Dunkin’ Donuts will be opening i’s new shop on 14th and U next week. As faithful readers may know, I’m a Massachusetts native and therefore, a big Dunkin’ fan. While we might be bemoaning other chains that are opening on this block, I’m excited for this one. Soon I no longer will have to make the trudge up the hill to get my Dunkin’ fix in Columbia Heights.

Inside of Pearl Dive Oyster Palace

I know I haven’t covered the development of Jeff Black’s new oyster place coming to 14th and Corcoran very carefully, but boy was I happy to see how close it is to opening. Walking by this past weekend, it looked days from opening its doors. In fact, it looks like it will be opening next week. Hooray for more oyster options in the neighborhood. And don’t forget the bocce they will offer too.