Non-Bank of America ATM in at 13/U

It seems like us Bank of America customers are just being teased at this point. Another ATM has been installed on U Street, this time in the new Boundless Yoga building. The other first floor tenants, last we heard supposed to be a froyo shop and a Georgetown Valet, have not yet opened. No word on when they will, but I have to think it will be soon.

Boundless Yoga to open Friday

Great news for the yoga fans who live along U Street. Boundless Yoga will open their new studio at 13/U this Friday. Now with two classrooms, an expanded schedule, and 7 pm classes (great for people like me who can rarely make the 6 o’clock hour classes because of work) Boundless’s new studio will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

And, if Boundless is opening on the top two floors, I have to believe the frozen yogurt spot, as well as the dry cleaners slated for the first floor can’t be far behind.

Boundless Yoga hopes to open in March

I spoke with Kim Weeks of Boundless Yoga, who will be opening a new studio at 13th and U, about the progress of the construction. While the original September 2010 opening date has been pushed back a few times, Kim is now confident the studio will open in March. I assume this means that the Georgetown Valet and yet-to-be-named frozen yogurt spot will open around March too.

Under construction at 13th/U

I spoke with Boundless Yoga’s owner, Kim Weeks, about the timeline of opening her new studio at 13/U. While they had originally hoped for a September opening, construction (as always) seems to have slowed things down. She says now their target is a fall deadline, somewhere in October or November.

I’m happy to confirm that I’ve heard from the owner of Boundless, Kim Weeks, that there will be frozen yogurt coming to the building being renovated at 13/U. Georgetown Valet will be subleasing some of the first floor to the yet-to-be-named store. Yay! I’m excited.

Frozen yogurt to U Street?

Prince of Petworth reported last week that he heard that a frozen yogurt spot will be opening in the 13th and U building being renovated. Yet I had previously heard from another tenant, owner of Boundless Yoga, Kim Weeks, that were would only be two tenants – her studio and Georgetown Valet. I got in touch with the owner/landlord of the building to try to clarify if the rumor was true (and why I’d been holding out on posting) – but 5 days after I emailed I haven’t gotten a response yet – I’ll update when I get more information.

I definitely welcome this rumor, it’s much better than just a dry cleaner on the ground floor.

Second floor, Boundless

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the building being renovated at 13th and U, that will house a Georgetown Valet and Boundless Yoga (and maybe a frozen yogurt spot? more on that later this week) with Boundless owner, Kim Weeks. The building should be ready for business in September, it’s looking good but there’s still a lot of work to do.

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