Photo courtesy of Mr. T in DC

I love Solly’s, it has been a favorite for meeting up with friends or catching a football game since I moved to the neighborhood almost five years ago.

Of course, back in the day Solly’s used to serve food – decent bar food that went well with beer. A few years ago they stopped, but now with their expansion into neighboring Madjet, Solly’s will be serving food again and hopefully gain some much needed space in the process. John Solomon, the owner, says that the renovation should take a month and could  be done as early as the end of February.

However, the question is: what is happening to Madjet? DC Eater (link above) called Madjet and the employee who answered the phone had not heard of Solly’s expansion. So we will see what happens with Madjet.

Abandoned auto shop at 11th and V

I think the answer to the above question is a whole lot of nothing. A reader wrote in wondering what was happening at the property that used to be Michael’s Auto Repair. The property has been empty for at least 5 years, if not longer. Now that that stretch of V Street is picking up with the opening of American Ice Company, you think something might be happening at this location. Right now the location is zoned for medium density/mixed use is owned by a Pierce Investments, LLC, which doesn’t seem to have a footprint online. The address listed for the company is a condo building near 11th and Q. The company bought the property in 2007 and has had late tax fees assessed against them ever since.

Seems like at one point this property was going to become a condo building, but the last I’ve heard of that was back in 2008.

Anyone know what’s happening at this property? Any prospects you know of?

There are reports of gunshots, a car accident, and total mayhem at 11/U. I would follow DCist (and @amorrissey, the editor of DCist – he’s on the scene) and TBD (and their Twitter feed) for up to the minute details. I will update my blog and Twitter as information becomes available.

UPDATE: People are saying it was a drive by shooting. @Weaverwardone (Brian Weaver, former candidate for Councilmember for Ward 1) is reporting that the shooting is connected with the funeral procession of Ashley McRae, a recent murder victim. The funeral procession was passing through U street at the time of the shooting. TBD is reporting that 2 were shot and one was injured in the overturned car.

UPDATE 2: NBC Washington is reporting that one victim has died following the shooting.

MPD is reporting there was a shooting at 11th and Clifton last night. The victim is in serious condition at the hospital. There isn’t much more information other than that, but I will continue to update as more comes out.