Just a quick note to let you readers know I’ll be out of town with limited Internet access till Sunday afternoon. If anything exciting happens, I’m afraid I won’t be able to write about it till I get back.

I’ll be heading to New York to visit a few friends, eat some good food, and visit some art museums. Have a good weekend!

Hi everyone, I’ll be heading up to Massachusetts until August 5th. I’ll have Internet access and will post if anything comes up – but since I’ll be away from the area, please email me if anything is happening that is newsworthy ( See you next week!

I enjoyed a long weekend in Charlottesville  (kind of wishing I was still there). Here are some recommendations for the area: 

  • To see: UVA’s campus. It was fun pretending I was still in college walking around the campus with great buildings and views of the mountains. My favorite are the old residence halls that have rooms that all open to the quad (yes Edgar Allen Poe lived in one of them). The downtown mall area has a lot of cute bookstores, antique stores, and restaurants. The restaurants are a bit overpriced but the stores are super cute. Some of my favorites were Oyster House Antiques, Blue Whale Books, Sidetracks Music, and Timberlake’s: an old school fountain shop/drug store. If you’re there on Friday do Fridays after Five on the mall, live music, sitting outside: good combination. Oh and um, Monticello. Go there too.
  • To eat: It’s out of the way, but really good: Savour. A friend who spent 5 years in Charlottesville getting his PhD



    raved about it, for good reason: $30 gets you 3 courses and one of my favorite dishes of the year so far: tomato sushi. A smoked tomato acts as the “raw fish” with oh so creamy mozzarella  as the “rice” and balsamic reduction as the soy sauce. Oh man. Go. Also enjoyed Boylan Heights – gourmet burgers for around $8 and a collegiate bar atmosphere (it’s right across the street from UVA). 

  • To drink: You gotta go to the wineries. Everyone raved about Stone Mountain Vineyards, but the drive up a mountain on a narrow, dirt road made me too nervous. I really enjoyed Barboursville – $5 gets you a wine glass to keep and 19 wines to taste. The owners are Italian winemakers and they grow some great Italian vintages. Plus there’s ruins on the site: Governor Barbour’s Jefferson-designed mansion burned down in the 1800s and is on site. Very cool.

You can view more photos from my trip on Flickr.

Just wanted to write a quick note saying I’ll be away for a long weekend in Charlottesville, and while I might have Internet access, I won’t likely be posting on anything until I’m back. So if anything happens, feel free to email me and I’ll get to it on Tuesday.

Really, metro? You fail.

So I’m trying to figure out what time I need to get on a train to go to Penn Quarter this evening. I go onto metro’s website to gauge how often trains are coming around 7 pm. Then I come across this. It actually recommends I go beyond Penn Quarter/Archives then turn around and go back (sorry the image is a little fuzzy – I blame Metro’s website). Yeah Metro, you fail.

I spent the long weekend in Philly with the boyfriend, as we clearly needed a vacation after a week off from work (or rather, we had this planned before this). Here are some recommendations based on our trip (limited obviously):

  • To eat: really, really, REALLLY enjoyed Tinto, a tapas/wine bar from Jose Garces (you know, the newest Iron

    La Colombe

    Chef). The food was inventive and so tasty, the service impeccable and down to earth, the wine selection limited to Spain and wonderful. And after all the food we ate I was expecting the bill to be much higher, so I’m starting to believe friends that say Philly is one of the last affordable cities in the east. Also check out Parc (casual French bistro on Rittenhouse Square) and the huge Reading Market (as boyfriend described, Eastern Market on steroids).

  • To drink: La Colombe (coffee, not liquor) – this coffee is good. Really good. We went back twice after enjoying it. Ask for a recommendation if you don’t know what to order (there’s no menu, by the by). As for liquor, I thought you could still smoke in Philly bars, so I wasn’t quite excited to go in (found out later only some bars have smoking exemptions) and ended up just chilling at restaurants for my imbibing pleasure.
  • To see: architecture. There are a lot of great old buildings in Philly. Some of my favorite parts of our weekend were just walking down random streets and seeing a fabulous building, taking a picture, and then reading more about it.
  • To visit: art/literary museums. I like history and all, but I am not a fan of touristy stuff or tours around the

    Great architectural details

    Liberty Bell. Though our stay was short, I really liked the Rosenbach Museum, which houses the Rosenbach’s amazing collection of books/manuscripts (they were book dealers), furniture/knick knacks that would be worth a lot of money on Antique’s Roadshow, and some special exhibits. Also, Philly’s Art Museum has a great collection of American art, especially one of my favorite artists Marcel Duchamp (yes, his Fountain is there).

Check out all of my photos from my trip on my Flickr photostream.

I’m going to be in Philly for the 3 day weekend (after the 6.5 day weekend…). I asked already on Twitter, but any of you readers have recommendations for Philly in general or for brunch/breakfast/lunch places (Rittenhouse Square area) specifically? Thanks guys, see you on Tuesday.

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