Pulp, courtesy of tyarab77

It’s an unfortunate reality in a neighborhood that might have gotten to popular for its own good. Businesses that helped make the neighborhood popular in the first place get pushed out because of increasing rents. We’ve seen, on the 1800 block of 14th street, Go Mama Go, Ruff n’ Ready, and Garden District close. Now Pulp, the quirky cards and gift store that was the best place to browse and shop, is closing as well. Borderstan broke the news last night, Pulp will be closing its location in November.

The store opened in November 2002, so it will be closing after 9 years in business. The original owner, Ron Henderson, died in February of 2009, and Borderstan reports that the business deal to sell the store to new owners fell through. While Pulp doesn’t appear to be a victim of increased rents, it’s still sad to see a store that helped the neighborhood become what it is close. Show some love to Pulp before it closes, and let them know how important they have been to the neighborhood.