Proposed building at 14th and Wallach

Relatively new kids on the block, U Street Dirt (who look at development along the U Street corridor) have a recap of the DC Historic Preservation Review Board look at a new residential building proposed for 14th and Wallach.

The building, which would be a 7 plus story, 160 unit apartment building would replace the rather ugly post office/Yums/furniture store building. Seems like the meeting did not go well, from at least the building’s perspective. There was a lot of opposition of building on a small side street, Wallach, and the board pretty much asked for the developers (Eric Colbert and company) to come back with a new design.

The future of this building is unclear: nothing was decided at the DC Historic Preservation Review Board meeting – and it has received initial ANC support. With all of the residential development already happening along 14th street (re-read 14th and You’s excellent recap) perhaps we have enough?