What the new 1300 block of U Street will look like. Image courtesy of DDOT

Thanks to my friends over at Greater Greater Washington for reporting the upcoming reconstruction of U street’s sidewalks. I think this will be a great boon to the neighborhood, especially for the pedestrians – but like most construction, will be a big headache in between.

The details are this: DDOT will widen sidewalks so there is a  4-foot-wide clearance from 9th to 18th street. To do so some parking spaces and driving lanes will be gone and some walls, street poles, and trees will be moved. I’m especially happy to hear that the sidewalk will be extended on the southern side of the 1300 block of U street – that sidewalk is just way too narrow.

The first phase of the project, focused on 14th street and east will start in the fall and will last 9 months. Phase 2 will focus on 14th street and west, and will start once phase 1 and the rework on 18th street is completed.