Photo by roadsidepictures (Flickr)

In case you missed this news yesterday, yes Subway is coming to the ground floor of the long vacant building at 14th and U. While I’m not super happy about this (yes there are two Subways nearby – one 2 blocks to the east and one 2 blocks to the west) also remember that’s not the only business coming to this building. The owners of Local 16 are bringing a restaurant to the upper levels and a lounge to the lower levels. It was supposed to open in January (yeah that didn’t happen, as I predicted), but it is on the pipeline. Having a fast food restaurant that has two locations nearby isn’t ideal, but I’m glad to see this building finally have tenants.

One of my Twitter followers shared this memory from around 2000, when that block was very different. There was a  Subway in what is now Marvin. He recalls ordering sandwiches through bulletproof glass. How our area has changed.