Rock It Again

As if there weren’t enough vintage and similarly-minded stores on the 15oo block of U Street, two more have opened in the past few months. It’s taken me a while to get to Dr. K’s Vintage, as I’m a bit busy during my weekends with my other gig, but I finally made it out to the new stores last weekend.

Newly opened in the old Nana’s space, Rock It Again comes from the owners of a vintage stall that has been in Eastern Market for years. When I stopped into their newly opened store, I noticed that most of their inventory is coats and jackets right now. They have a decent mix of men’s and women’s clothing, which is nice to see. They also have some higher end labels, I did spot a few Feragamo’s and in general the store seems well curated and not overly crowded.

In contrast is Dr. K’s Vintage. Just down the block, this is your get down and dirty, browse for hours to find a gem type of store. There is a lot of variety, from old Ts to ripped jeans to a lot of shoes. Like Rock It Again, Dr. K’s has a decent percentage of men’s clothing. Prices are cheaper, there aren’t fancy labels, but it’s the type of place where if you dig, you could strike gold.