Happy Birthday (courtesy of Rob J Brooks, Flickr)

Happy Birthday (courtesy of Rob J Brooks, Flickr)

U Street Girl turns two today. I certainly can’t believe it. This last year has been quite a whirlwind for me personally, and for my blog.

A lot has happened on the blog in the past year. Remember when I was threatened with a lawsuit? That was fun. Beyond the scary parts: it actually was pretty wonderful. You guys really backed me up on that and it gave me strength. I was profiled in the Washingtonian, which was awesome. I also stopped blogging anonymously, which was pretty great.

In the last year, I’ve written 232 posts, received 585 comments, and had over 150,000 views (that’s about 3 times the amount of views I had during my first year).

In the next year, I hope to perhaps get some different contributors beyond just me (I’m a bit busy over here). If you’re interested in perhaps writing a feature for my blog – send me an email at ustreetgirl AT gmail DOT com. I’m pretty picky, so tell me what you could add to the blog and send me a writing sample or two.

And Happy Blogiversary to U Street Girl.