Building in 2008, courtesy of las.photographs

Color me skeptical on this one. The Feast is reporting that a restaurant/lounge from the people of Local 16 will open in the long vacant building at the corner of 14th and U in late January. The owner, Aman Ayoubi, has confirmed this information. The concept doesn’t have a name as of yet.

However, I’ve not seen much work on the building and kind of doubt it will be ready to open in a month or so. According to the owners, the building will feature a restaurant and lounge on the second and third floors. There will also be a  basement club, very similar to Eighteenth Street Lounge,  that will open in March. And if that weren’t enough: a roof deck will open in the spring.

Sommer Mathis of TBD reports that the January meeting of ANC 1B had some more information about the concept, albeit a year old. Another partner for the restaurant, Doug Whipple, categorized the place as “a very relaxed steak house, one that people could afford to go to and had very good food: good burgers, good steaks, good sides… They are planning for 139 seats. There will be a small summer garden on the third floor with a roof that can be opened over it.”