Gutted building at La Fonda

As you can see, the interior of the old AM/PM Carryout has been completely gutted in preparation for the renovations for La Fonda (14/V). The owners of the restaurant appeared in front of ANC 1B in October to present their application for a class C restaurant license. Yeah, I realize that was awhile ago. I’ve been busy.

We learned a lot more about the establishment: the owners will do a lot of renovation, including the construction of a new facade. This will have to be approved by the Historic Preservation Review Board, as the building is an historic structure.

Also the really long hours that are on the application are apparently a typo: they don’t intend to be open from 8 am to 2 am. At first, the ANC protested the restaurant’s application because of peace, order, quiet, and parking. However, in the November meeting they removed this protest based on a voluntary agreement they had established.

No word on when they plan on opening but considering the amount of work they plan on doing, I wouldn’t imagine it’s in the immediate future.