DC9, courtesy of Kevin H (Flickr)

DC9 had a hearing yesterday to determine the status of its liquor license, which Cathy Lanier suspended after the death of Ali Ahmed Mohammed outside of the bar. The long and short of it is: the liquor license will remain suspended until another hearing December 1st.

However a lot of interesting, and in fact weird, information came out of this hearing. First: none of the men involved in the case work at DC9 anymore (which seems a bit of a moot point: the bar hasn’t been open). Co-owner and manager Bill Spieler resigned, the rest were let go.

Second, the EMT call to Howard University Hospital was played during the hearing. You can hear the audio on TBD (link above). A male EMT says that he is bringing a 45-year-old male in cardiac arrest to the hospital after a bar fight. He also says the victim became unconscious after police arrived on the scene, contradicting an affidavit filed in court that states Mohammed was not responsive when the first officer arrived. But, as you probably know, Mohammed was 27, not 45 – so this call just seems to confuse things further.

What we still don’t know is Mohammed’s official cause of death. It’s been over two weeks since the incident, so we’ve got to wonder what’s taking so long. Though I must say, I’m not sure how long it normally takes to get a report from the medical examiner in regards to someone’s cause of death. UPDATE: I’ve heard from a couple of sources (including a friend who interns at an ME office) that toxicology reports take a few weeks to process. Silly crime procedurals coloring our perception of how things get done in law enforcement.