Martha's Outfitters

You’ve probably walked by it a million times. But have you ever gone in? Martha’s Outfitters (14th between V and W) is a part of Martha’s Table, a local charity that provides organic, local food to the needy, has a daycare onsite, and offers programs for teens. Martha’s Table just celebrated its 30th anniversary, and Martha’s Outfitters is about to celebrate its 6th. Martha’s Table is really a staple of our community.

Martha’s Outfitters is a thrift store that clothes the needy and sells affordable, respectable clothing. All of the proceeds of the store benefit Martha’s Table. And, the prices are great and the clothing is in good condition. They aim to sell clothes that everyone can afford and everyone would be proud to wear. They also have a great selection of home goods and wares.

If you buy a $5 purse, you just bought 10 sandwiches for the needy. If you buy a $6 necklace, that’s 12 books for little kids to read.

Beyond the good that Martha’s Outfitters does, and the affordable, quality clothes they sell, everyone there is so nice. They unfortunately got a bad rap under old management, but management has changed and everyone I met was super friendly. So please, go stop in.

And, donate your clothes, time, food to Martha’s Table/Outfitters. They can always use volunteers.