Is the deli still coming?

I hadn’t heard anything about the deli that was supposed to open at the long-vacant property at 12th and S, so I stopped by. Unfortunately, the signs that announced the license hearing are down, and the property looks like it hasn’t been touched since May, when the signs went up.

I did some Googling to see if there was any information about the license hearing, but I couldn’t find anything besides the fact that the hearing had been postponed from July to September. Does anyone know what happened?

UPDATE: The owner of the property (I have confirmed he’s the owner via the DC Property Information Verification System) has commented and said that ”[the building] was rented to a tenant to open a business (coffee shop/deli). After 2 years of negotiating with the Zoning process they had to drop the project. I have since taken over the rezoning and gained overwhelming support from both the neighbors and the ANC.” See his full comment in the comment section. I wish him good luck, as I don’t think anyone wants to see this property vacant.