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  • RT @metrocurean Yay, liquor app posted for Black Resto Group’s new place at 1612 14th: 4 Sep via Twitpic
  • at Han Gang in Annandale, waitress looked at my dish after I mixed condiments in and said it “looked Korean” – I consider that a success  6 Sep via web
  • RT @fritzhahn @dc9nightclub has posted numerous photos of its new roofdeck. Looks great. I’m told it will be opening early next week. 11 Sep via txt
  • RT @KomitoMarvin: Oh hey there Dickson Wine Bar, Food & Wine loves you too! 14 Sep via Tweetvisor
  • meow, @tomsietsema doesn’t like Dickson Wine Bar, complains about cardboard flatbread, raw tasting pork belly banh mi 15 Sep via Tweetvisor
  • cute british couple asked me for vintage/jazz recs on u street as I was getting off metro. think they picked a good random person to ask! 20 Sep via web
  • got delivery from pho 14 for the first time. the pho is so thoughtfully packaged, they even put in little containers of hoisin and siracha! 20 Sep via web
  • apple picking followed by a $3 BBQ sandwich at a general store, eaten by a creek. wish it were more fall-like out there, though. 25 Sep via web
  • making apple pie for a good friend’s birthday. who says you need a birthday cake? birthday pie = much better. 25 Sep via web
  • sad RT @amorrissey this would be a bummer MT @mikemadden Saloon might move if liquor authorities keep hassling them 28 Sep via web
  • RT @PoPville: A reader puts a face on yesterday’s U St. funeral 29 Sep via web
  • yeah, you have to be blind to think there isn’t a problem RT @wcp Adams Morgan has a gang problem that doesn’t exist 29 Sep via web
  • went to Crafty Bastards, bought some cool prints. Then stopped into Ansonia Wines & had a great time, interesting selection of French wines. 2 Oct via web
  • So @Lisatella believes Dr. K’s vintage shop (16/U) will be open very soon! 5 Oct via web
  • you have to read this post by @weaverwardone on @ggwash “The best way to stop a bullet is an education and a job” 5 Oct via Tweetvisor