Between what U Street Cafe is tweeting and MPD’s Third District daily crime report (scroll down to the fourth to last entry), we can cobble together some information about what happened Sunday morning. U Street Cafe was robbed before they opened, according to MPD a little after 5 am. They identify the method as “2,” classifying it as a 2nd Degree Burglary, meaning the burglar was not in contact with the victim. I’m not sure what this means but I hope everyone at U Street Cafe is doing well and that MPD can catch the burglar.

UPDATE: Not surprisingly, Sommer Mathis from TBD was able to the leg-work reporting on this. A suspect or suspects entered through the back entrance and stole $200 from the cash register. They may have had a key, as there was no evidence of forced entry. Nothing else was taken.

Though I have to take exception on her characterization of the 1300 block of U Street as “no stranger to crime” based on one other robbery 2 years ago.