This morning, TBD, a new venture in local news, launched. What is TBD? TBD is a local news network with TV and an online presence. They are using new media in a wonderful way, writing their own stories, linking to others, and creating a dialogue about the area. As they say, “Our goal is to create a comprehensive guide to local news and entertainment, delivered on multiple platforms, for anyone interested in what’s happening in the region.”

U Street Girl is proud to announce that the blog is a member of their local blog network. It wasn’t a secret before, but now that they’ve officially launched I wanted to let you readers know. This doesn’t mean really any change for readers of U Street Girl, but rather that TBD readers will often be directed to my blog if I’m a part of their local coverage or I write something that is of interest to DC as a whole.

I’m really excited about TBD as someone interested in media, and glad to be a part of their network. I wish them the best of success. Go check out their website today!