1357 U Street, courtesy of NCinDC (Flickr)

A reader emailed me, and I had noticed, some workers at 1357 U Street, which used to be State of the Union back in the day. If you remember last summer, Prince of Petworth posted that an entrepreneur had ambitious plans to start a nonprofit kind of bar, called Kindred. It confused me at the time and still confuses me now. The website is still up but nothing has been updated since May of 2009. It seems like the venture only raised $3,000 out of its stated $100,000 to get things off the ground. So I feel like Kindred is not coming to this location.

I haven’t heard or found anything else about this building. It’s in a prime location and has a great history, so IĀ hope it will be occupied again. Anyone heard anything?

UPDATE: Perusing DCRA’s new website, which allows you to check the status of permits, I see that Nikisha Carpenter, the stated owner of the bar Kindred, has secured reviews of the electrical, fire, HPRB, mechanical, and structural components of the building and received two permits for interior renovations: replacing all plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems and fixtures, and replacing exterior windows with wood replacement windows.(DCRA’s website doesn’t say for what though…unless I’m missing something). The dates on all of these are June 25th of this year. So maybe Kindred is coming, after all?