Room & Board, courtesy of thepresidentwearsprada (Flickr)

Last weekend I stopped by Room & Board (mostly for the air conditioning) and walked around. Now, the furniture is beautiful, the store is huge (4, count them, 4 floors) but it’s just eye candy for me. I could never seriously consider buying any of these pieces.

The store had complimentary coffee and water for customers, which I thought was a really nice touch. The roof has nice, sweeping views of the U street corridor. If it weren’t so hot out I could imagine the roof would be a nice place to sit and hang out. I couldn’t help thinking that they should open a bar or restaurant up there, it’s a great space. I also liked that on one of the walls (on one of the floors, can’t tell you which) they had a history of the building. I’m glad they’re paying homage to the building’s past.

While I can’t imagine ever being a customer, Room & Board is a beautiful store that is certainly an asset to the neighborhood.