Point Chaud

Stopped by Point Chaud for a quick crepe Saturday afternoon. The space is pretty small, nicely casual, French bistro-like. There are seats for about 25 or 30. It was pretty crowded for 2 pm on a Saturday. I liked that they had real silverware and plates if you were dining in. For dining out, they either had the crepes wrapped or in a plastic container – you have to ask to get it wrapped (the French way), I think.

I got a nutella crepe and my companion got an egg and cheese. The menu is EXTENSIVE, there are easily 20 savory and 20 sweet selections. Everything is very reasonably priced – the most expensive item clocks in just under $10, and most crepes hover around the $6 mark. They also have Illy coffee options. While the crepes took a while to come out (hopefully they’ll refine their service so it moves faster), they’ve only been open a week. The nutella was good, though I’m no crepe expert and nutella is pretty simple. Companion liked his egg and cheese, which I didn’t try as I’d just scarfed down the nutella.

Sorry I didn’t have my camera on me, and all we have are cell phone pics. I liked the food but hope the service speeds up – it’s a decent option for a quick bite in the ‘hood and I’ve been wanting more casual dining.