Dodge City

On Friday, I finally made it to Dodge City, which opened about 2 months ago. We walked in around 9:30 or 10, to a half full bar – really appreciated that we could easily get a seat. I was surprised, honestly, how empty it was and how empty it continued to be for a Friday night. There was always open seats and no one was ever standing. It made me wonder if they have a similar policy as the Gibson, allowing no standing – but I didn’t ask (my bad). A bar on U street, that isn’t ridiculously crowded, which I can get a seat late at night? I’m there.

The atmosphere was really nice, low lighting, relaxed and comfortable. Definitely not pretentious. Apparently there is an upstairs with dancing, but I um, couldn’t find it and didn’t ask. I had heard from Going out Guru’s Fritz Hahn that the beer selection was the one of the best in the city. Not only was the beer selection good, but it was cheap. The most expensive was $8. Also, the Yelp page notes that they don’t accept credit cards, but they accepted mine – so that’s inaccurate.

Now, they also seem to have a no flip flop policy, just for guys. We had friends meeting us, and they couldn’t get in because one of the guys was wearing flip flops. Even when we pleaded (especially because the place was half empty, at now 11:30), the bouncer did not relent. So we went next door to the Velvet Lounge and had a fun time.

Go to Dodge City for a relaxed setting, good beer, and apparently dancing upstairs (but don’t wear flip flops).