Tonight, I removed a comment on my post “Du Vin Osteria coming to 14th and Florida” because the owner of Du Vin Osteria, David Shott, sent me an email requesting me to do so, because he found the comment libelous. He also stated he would take legal action if necessary.

It is with regret that I write this post and removed the comment. I wish Mr. Shott had come to me in a more friendly manner and had not immediately written the words “legal action” to a young professional who blogs on her spare time. I was trying to promote Mr. Shott’s business. I posted the comment because it seemed to raise relevant concerns about Mr. Shott.

It is also with regret that I will state this is the last time I will be talking about Du Vin Osteria or Mr. Shott on my blog. I will not promote or patronize his business and will recommend others do the same.

This whole incident has saddened me deeply. That one business owner decided to talk “legal action” to a blogger about something that she didn’t even write, I find beyond unnecessary. I am writing this post to state the facts of the matter, my feelings about it, and no more.