Salmon fume

So I finally made it out to Bistro La Bonne for brunch this weekend. (Apologies, I’ve been a bit derelict in my duties in trying out new places, I promise to go to Patty Boom Boom and Homemade Pizza Co. soon). Bistro La Bonne has been open for about two months now, and is serving French bistro fare with Daniel La Bonne as chef.

So I was a bit surprised that Bistro La Bonne was pretty empty when we walked in (before noon, but still, it was just us and 2 other people). Service was prompt and even came with a French accent.

We ordered French toast, bacon (duh), and the salmon fume. My companion devoured the French toast so fast I was unable to try any, but I hear it was pretty good. The bacon was perfectly cooked, so crispy. My salmon fume came with a lot of smoked salmon (I couldn’t finish all of it), a little salad, toasted brioche, capers, onions, and a lot of salmon roe (and some little gherkins? anyone know what those are?). Now, you can’t really tell in the picture, but unfortunately the salmon roe wasn’t that fresh, it was a bit wrinkly, not as tight and bright. Therefore, it tasted too fishy and didn’t pop in your mouth, which is unfortunate because I’m a pretty big fan of roe. While we weren’t imbibing, I noted that traditional brunch drinks (mimosas, bloody marys, bellinis) were $3, a good deal.

So I like Bistro La Bonne for brunch, and I guess if you go on the early side you’ll have no problem finding a seat. I will return for dinner or lunch sometime soon.

And, I saw that they have a pretty good happy hour deal that they don’t advertise on their site: $4 draft beer, $5 wine, and $15 moules, frites, and beer.