This morning when I saw that the Federal government was open with ONLY an unscheduled leave policy, I was pissed. DC had received 3-4 inches overnight, and did they REALLY think that the roads/sidewalks would be clear in time for the morning rush? I was pretty unhappy, I thought a 2 hour delay was clearly in order.

Yet, color me super surprised as I walked out of my building’s door and saw that nearly all of the sidewalks had been shoveled at 7:30 am. I live on a residential street, I wasn’t expecting much. Then the roads: 14th and U look great. The only downside, nearly all of the southern block of 1300 U was unshoveled. For shame, clearly everyone else got out early to shovel their sidewalks, you could too.

Is DC becoming a hardened northern city? The behavior I saw this morning was more in line with what I expect in my home state of Massachusetts than DC. Don’t you remember last year in March when it snowed a few inches and the government gave a 2 hour delay? Or Valentine’s Day of 2007? I had an interview that morning and the city had come to a stand still for maybe 3 inches. Can DC really handle snow on par with a northern city, or was this morning just an anomaly?