Bistro La Bonne

Well, I totally missed this. I walk this block at least once a day and I had no clue that Axis had closed, and Bistro La Bonne (and no, it’s not just you – the website has been taking forever to load) has opened in its place on the 1300 block of U street (thanks to Prince of Petworth via FrenchTwistDC for the tip). Bistro La Bonne serves classic French fare from Chef Daniel La Bonne Labonne, with staples like coq au vin, escargot, beouf bourguignon, etc. It seems like La Bonne used to have a Soupe Cafe in Sacramento, CA which got good reviews on Yelp.

I will make a point of stopping by soon, and will definitely write it up. Has anyone checked it out? Have any opinions?

UPDATE: After some internet sleuthing I have realized the chef’s name is spelled Labonne, one word, giving me more information about him. He used to cook at Tabaq Bistro, and Wazuri.