Have you been visiting my Twitter stream? I’ve found Twitter is a really useful way to send out little bits of information that wouldn’t really merit a full blog post. Here’s a quick round-up of what I’ve been tweeting about in my past month on Twitter (sorry it’s not very pretty, I had a prettier way to present it but then there would have been no links):

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  • Haha @wcp reports WaPo decides it finally might want to use links, providing a “webbier” experience … i have no words http://bit.ly/5xGqHE

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  • Hm apparently DC govt doesn’t plow alleys (sucks for most apt dwellers who drive through alleys to get to parking) http://bit.ly/76ftzT

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  • Took twice as long to get home from Boston because there was a fire on the T, had to take a bus – dear DC Metro riders, yes it can be worse.

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  • Wouldn’t peg Franken for the St Ex type RT @brooklandavenue Ran into Al Frankin leaving St ex crazyness

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