Patty Patty Boom Boom in November

In the past few weeks, over 200 300 of you have searched for Patty Boom Boom and found my blog. So I gather there’s a lot of interest around the soon-t0-be opened Jamaican restaurant/bar. If you missed my post on New Year’s Eve on U street yesterday, I mentioned that if you go to Marvin’s Block Party you will get a sneak peek of Patty Boom Boom. I called Marvin to confirm any opening date and the girl who answered the phone seemed to think it would be open after New Year’s Eve, but honestly I wasn’t sure that she was sure. I also asked the Internets (via Twitter) if anyone had any info on a opening date and had no luck.

Until a few weeks ago you could take a look in at the progress at the spot, but they have since put up paper on the windows, denying any onlookers a progress report.  Correction: as I walked by Patty Boom Boom on my way to the Metro this morning I saw that they had taken the paper down, and it really doesn’t look like they’re ready to open by New Year’s. The picture from this post is from November. I’ll update with more pictures if I can later tonight.

Tell me if you’re going to Marvin/Patty Boom Boom for New Year’s and send me pics if you take any!