Snow near U street, courtesy of Matt Ortega (Flickr)

By the skin of my teeth, I made it out of the area and made my flight from BWI to Boston this morning (it was pretty touch and go for a while if we were going to be able to leave). Now I’m on the Internet reading twitter and facebook updates about the snow in DC (it’s supposed to hit Boston later tonight and not be nearly as severe) and wondering what y’all are doing. How many inches? Anyone surfing down 16th street or attending the guerrilla snowball fight on 14th and U? I might be a bit jealous, it’s not often you see this much snow in DC and I’m missing it (but man, am I thankful I was able to make my flight).

And as a side note, since I did make my flight today I’ll be out of the area until next week. Email me ( and let me know about anything happening in the ‘hood.