What's the Deal DC

‘Tis the time of year as they say: time to give back. I’m happy to let you know about a promotion What’s the Deal DC is doing, and happy to say I was able to help plan the details with founder Rob Schutz.

If you sign up for What’s the Deal DC’s newsletter (from today through the 20th) What’s the Deal DC will donate a $1 to a DC-area charity. The newsletter emails you information about a new deal each day (past deals have been discounts on DC area spas, restaurants, bars, etc.). What’s the Deal DC will be donating money to three charities: Martha’s Table (my suggestion as we were planning the promotion), Fo0d & Friends, and Fashion for Paws.

There are a few caveats, as much as we all love charity, What’s the Deal DC is not made out of money, so scout’s honor that you only sign up once. Also, you must have a DC-area zip code, because let’s be honest, these deals aren’t going to apply to you if you’re outside of the DC metro region.

So, sign up, choose your favorite local charity, and get information about great deals around the city! It’s an all around win in my book.