Happy Birthday (courtesy of Rob J Brooks, Flickr)

Happy Birthday! (courtesy of Rob J Brooks, Flickr)

Ah, so this day a year ago I wrote my first entry to my blog, pondering why I loved life on U street and why I wanted to blog about it. I’ve really enjoyed my entry into the blogging world. This blog has connected me to people in wonderful ways, I’m always amazed at what opportunities the Internet has opened up for me. From people offering to help me find a job when I lost mine last year (nearly a year ago now too and thankfully, nearly a year ago I found my current one), to connecting with local business owners, artists, and bloggers, to being well-known enough to be recognized in the area.

In the past year, I’ve posted 273 times (including this post), had 384 comments, and had over 57,000 viewers (no, Mom, I don’t think they were all just you).

Now, as my readership continues to grow (hi new readers!) I’m going to continue to build my blog so that there will be more utility for both me and the readers. That means, starting to tweet (all of the cool kids seem to be doing it), please check it out, and follow me if you’re on Twitter too. Also, I’ll be utilizing my Flickr page more, and perhaps looking into hosting my own webpage instead of relying on WordPress. Please give me feedback on these new ventures and what you’d like to see. While I blog for myself, I certainly hope to make my blog more useful for readers as well.