1905, courtesy of Jenn Larsen

1905, courtesy of Jenn Larsen

I really want to like 1905, it’s cool and chic and fun and youthful. The decor is fabulous, it’s cozy and hip and the same time. It’s been open a year, I’ve been a couple of times for drinks, dessert, food, and I keep wanting to like it, but the food keeps on falling short. I think Tom Sietsema’s rating of 1.5 stars is about spot on. After eating there last weekend I decided that this is not a place to get dinner, not if you want something well prepared, unfortunately.

I had cornmeal crusted oysters (aka, fried) for an appetizer. The sauce with the oysters was fabulous, a housemade hickory wood smoked mayonnaise, but there were too many oysters for an appetizer (maybe 15?), and some were soggy. The salads were good, dressings interesting, but nothing groundbreaking.

The 18 hour lamb sandwich was pretty much inedible. The lamb had this burnt flavor that I was hoping would go away but it didn’t, I left it pretty much untouched. The quail that my companion had was much better, it was fried, which isn’t my favorite way to cook quail, I don’t like it well done. The succotash with it was nothing special. I had heard their Merguez sausage was fabulous, but alas it wasn’t on the menu.

I was still hungry by dessert so we ordered a blackberry crumble to share, but the crumble was kind of greasy and not crumbly, and the blackberries were too liquidy. Almost, but not quite, like pretty much the whole meal.

I was surprised the waitress didn’t ask why I had left my main course pretty much untouched. Maybe she knew it was bad, I don’t know. And, the food takes a while to come out, which wouldn’t bother me if it were good.

1905 is such a great space, loud full of energy and in a good location. I wasn’t hoping that I would find amazing food, but good food. I unfortunately found mostly bad food. The chef and the owners can do better, and I think they know it. If the food lived up to the possibilites of the location, it would be a go to place, and I’m hoping that one day it will be.