The now named bike selling/rental/repair store, Bicyle Stations (website under construction) that will open at 14th and W looks like it is close to opening. When I walked by yesterday morning, I saw bikes in the store along with boxes and other soon to be opened-type stuff. Prince of Petworth has more information about the business plans, they will open other stores on P street in Dupont and in Old Town Alexandria.

PoP also has more information about rental costs, which commenters are already calling steep: $65 a day, but it’s a $1000 bike and there will be a conceirge service that will drop/pick up the bike wherever you’d like. I’m not much of a bike rider (though I’d like to be more of one, if I weren’t such a scaredy cat when it came to biking in the city) but yeah, as someone pointed out this is as much as you could pay to rent a car for the day.

Blogger note: I was going to go take a picture of the storefront for this post but then it was cold and rainy and sitting on the couch in sweats sounded like a better idea. Apologies.