Uncle Brutha's hot sauce

Uncle Brutha's hot sauce

I might have a had little freak out when I saw, in my inbox, an email from UNCLE BRUTHA himself. If you read my blog, you know I’m a huge fan of his hot sauces. I have like four in my pantry stocked up for emergency no-hot sauce situations.

Well, he needs your help! After delivering some hot sauces to Next Door, his car was burglarized, and his briefcase, with some very important papers, was stolen. In his words, “I would really appreciate getting it back. While I can’t offer a monetary reward for its return there’s certainly some Uncle Brutha’s hot sauce in it for anyone who happens to find it. (I hope that doesn’t seem corny but that really is the best I can offer right now. )”

So please, keep an eye out for any briefcases you might see around U street (he says there were no credit cards or money in the briefcase, so it might have been dumped once the vandal realized this) and send him an email (BrennanG@unclebrutha.com)  if you find anything.

He also told me very soon, local Giant stores will start carrying his sauces, as well. Help Uncle Brutha out!