Last year's air guitar champion, courtesy of US Air Guitar

The air guitarist Big Rig, courtesy of US Air Guitar

Um, how amazingly fun does this sound? The Air Guitar National Finals are this Friday, 8 pm at the 9:30 Club. Tickets are $20 to watch 25 finalists compete to be the US champion of all things Air Guitar. The champion will then move on to represent the US in the World championship in Finland next week. There is not one, but two air guitarists from DC competing on Friday.

This is the kind of total oddball fun event that I love, it sounds like it will be a great time. First: who doesn’t love a little air guitar? Second: these guys have to be good if they’re competing in the National championship. So, it’s talented air guitaring. After learning about it I’m totally going, and I had to share. It guarantees to be a good time.