I’m on vacation, and this really was not something I wanted to see after spending the day frolicking in the North End and taking a game in at Fenway… but Prince of Petworth is reporting there was a stabbing at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park around 6 pm on Saturday. However, MPD has posted nothing on their listserv so for now I’m seeing this as a unsubstantiated story, and really hoping it isn’t true. I live across the street from the park, go thereĀ  often to read/picnic, walk through the park to get to different places, and a stabbing is not really what anyone wants.

I’ll update more on this story as I can.

UPDATE: As of Monday morning, there is still nothing on the MPD listserv and they are very good about posting timely information about crime. I’m calling this a misinformed reader writing into Prince of Petworth after hearing a rumor. I’m sure there was some kind of activity at the park at the time, perhaps a fight, perhaps someone needed medical attention because they were intoxicated, but at this point I don’t believe it was a stabbing.