On my walk to the metro this morning, I couldn’t help but notice my own block, along with all of U street, cordoned off to traffic by police cars. Fearing some horrible crime had happened, I first asked a police officer, and then a few fellow commuters, what was up. A police officer said everything was fine, and then a fellow commuter told me a police officer let her know that Obama is coming. Thinking he’s heading to Ben’s again?

Wish I could have hung around and checked it out, but alas, I must go to work.

UPDATE: Or not? No one seems to have figured out the mystery of why U street was cordoned off this morning. Obama’s schedule indicated he didn’t leave the White House. The Israeli president was down at the Convention center, but at a mile away, why would U street be blocked off to vehicular traffic? I’ll keep an eye on this and give any further updates if I find anything out.