The Internet is a weird thing, especially when it comes to comments. I have a filter that automatically catches “spam” comments and I personally approve all comments that appear on this blog. But, I’ve received a few comments that have finely hit the border between spam/trolling and a legitimate comment and I wanted to set out my philosophy on blog commenting.

First, I will not post comments that are blatant advertisements. I recently received pretty much a press release in form of a comment, and while I know the world of PR is tricky right now (I’ve worked for various organizations with their PR efforts) I don’t think the purpose of blog comments is to advertise services/businesses. I think the purpose of comments is to advance discussion on a given topic the blog addresses.

I will also not post comments that are off-topic, don’t add to the discussion of a particular post, or are inflammatory in any matter. It’s that simple.

I believe that each person who runs/moderates a blog can set out their own policy on commenting, and that any is acceptable for whatever purpose their particular blog serves. Therefore, this is my policy, and I will not argue it.

In other news, I’ve set up a U Street Girl email address for you, my dear readers, to use if you would like to send me any tips, information, etc. I wasn’t comfortable using my personal email address, so that is why none was listed. It is It is now also listed in my “About” page.